Wearables, implantables, and a growing array of connected medical devices have reinvented remote care delivery. As IoMT proliferates, the threat spectrum multiplies exponentially. Hacker assaults to exploit vulnerabilities and hijack networks with ransomware demands is not only costly and humiliating but also puts patient privacy and lives in peril.

Today a suite of security solutions offers developers, manufacturers, and cybersecurity officials new ways to safeguard digital assets with defense-in-depth strategies. Innovations in whitebox cryptography and other shields have rapidly redefined best practice with multi-dimensional, holistic defenses. Join us for a panel discussion on how a holistic approach to securing connected medical devices can lead to better patient outcomes. In addition to the risks and regulations, our industry expert will discuss:

  • How to limit medical device liability with defense-in-depth security strategies
  • What defines best practice in medical device security
  • How top IoMT companies reduce risk, safeguard intellectual property, and help protect patient privacy and lives