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FloodGate Medical Launches First Ever Referral Program App for the Medical Device Industry, FloodGate Finder.

Jul 23, 2020

FloodGate Medical Launches First Ever Referral Program App for the Medical Device Industry, FloodGate Finder

Find a job. Find a friend. Collect a Finder’s Fee.


July 23, 2020, Tampa, Fla. – FloodGate Medical, a leading talent acquisition solution provider in the medical industry, announces the launch of the FloodGate Finder app, which is dedicated to monetizing the professional networks built by those in the healthcare and medical device industries. FloodGate Finder is a testament to FloodGate Medical’s commitment to reinventing the recruiting process through constant evolution and technological innovation. 


"FloodGate Finder enables our 110,000 connections to monetize their networks, offering incredible opportunities to their friends and exceptional talent to great companies,” says FloodGate Medical President Joe McClung. “The steps in the app are simple: find a job within our database of hundreds of jobs at the industries’ top companies, find a friend or colleague you think would be perfect for that job, refer them with one click, and then collect a finder’s fee when they’re hired.”


To develop FloodGate Finder, FloodGate Medical partnered with WorkLLama, a leading candidate engagement and referral management provider that also developed KFORCEconnect, the most powerful referral program in IT. 


“We are thrilled to partner with FloodGate Medical to develop the FloodGate Finder app for referrals. Referred candidates are five times more likely to be hired than candidates from any other source, and active referral programs increase time to hire, double retention of referrals and their sources, decrease hiring costs, improve employer reputations, and give access to an exponentially larger candidate pool. They’re a win-win across the board.”


Eighty percent of professionals agree that networking is critical to professional growth; however the ideals don’t match the behaviors - because fewer than half are actually doing it. That might be because those professionals don’t see what’s in it for them. In the case of FloodGate Finder, healthy commission fees and an opportunity for an opportunistic “side-hustle” is that incentive. Any hired referral from the app will result in up to a $1,000 commission to the referrer, as well as smaller commissions for introductions to the app itself. Personal and professional networks have never been more readily available, and historically have been a resource primarily on LinkedIn, in rolodexes, or in drawers full of business cards. 


"Referrals have always been the most effective recruiting tool, and now we can hypercharge referrals with the simplicity and incentive provided by FloodGate Finder, making it the most disruptive change in recruiting since the telephone,” McClung states. “Our mission is to improve lives by uniting great people with great companies. FloodGate Finder empowers our network to do just that!" 

For more information and to experience the FloodGate Finder app, register or download here. To learn more about FloodGate Medical, visit here.



About FloodGate Medical

FloodGate Medical is the leading talent acquisition solution in the medical industry. After 14 years in the medical recruiting space, our founder and principals have completely reinvented the recruiting process through constant evolution, innovation and

customizing solutions. Headquartered in Tampa, FL with a broad national presence, we engage in high-powered talent acquisition and candidate representation by partnering with the top medical companies across the country.