Explorer Surgical Announces Remote Case Observation Feature for Physician Training

September 07, 2021

Explorer Surgical Announces Remote Case Observation Feature for Physician Training 

New feature of Explorer Live makes it easy for medical education teams to bring physicians into procedures for case observation from anywhere in the world

Explorer Live, a digital platform featuring a first-of-its-kind procedural playbook with remote connectivity and robust data collection, announces today its Remote Case Observation feature for training physicians and procedural teams. Remotely observing cases solves the pain points in two critical scenarios for medical device companies and physicians: prospective customers and new physician training. 

With this remote connectivity, physicians can easily log into Explorer Live’s secure platform to observe a procedure in real-time, without restrictions or logistical delays. Instead of a physician traveling for training or observing a new procedure or technique, Explorer Live enables medical device companies to engage more physicians remotely with unlimited access to the platform.  Observing physicians and team members interact and view cases in more intimate settings instead of large conferences, even from the comfort of their own homes.

For physicians interested in using a device or technology, and hospital administration considering the purchase, remote case observations provide them real-time access to a procedure.  This enables all of the decision-makers to coordinate schedules much easier, hear from their peers the impact the technology has had on a physician’s practice and patient population and may provide a competitive edge by significantly reducing the sales cycle. 

Even for physicians who already use a company's product, remote case observations give them more opportunities and faster access to learning from the best. By observing more cases, new and trained physicians are also able to minimize the learning curve faster while learning best practices to master optimal techniques.

“Our technology has truly revolutionized the way physicians learn about procedures. The adoption of our Explorer Live platform has significantly accelerated since the start of the pandemic and showed physicians that there was an alternative method for training and learning without physically attending the procedure. It is an eye-opening and welcomed shift to how things have traditionally been done. This capability enables tremendous cost savings in travel expenses and enables physicians to learn about new products and procedures while minimizing time away from their practice and families,” said Jennifer Fried, CEO and co-founder of Explorer Surgical.  There are many advantages of remote case observation, including:

  1. No travel required to observe or proctor, improving efficiency and safety 
  2. No flow disruptions or additional risk of more people in the room
  3. No geographic restrictions to overseeing and proctoring procedures

"Over the past 9 months, our team has worked with Explorer to enable remote case observation and training opportunities from key centers of excellence like Froedtert Hospital in Milwaukee with Dr. Benn and Dr. Kurman. In doing so, we have been able to innovate the way physicians are trained on the ILLUMISITE™ Platform and expand the number of patients with access to this amazing technology. Moving forward, we plan to expand the number of centers of excellence and accounts supported with the ExplORer Live platform, to continue reinforcing optimal techniques and accelerating adoption of ILLUMISITE™," said Jodi Weinzetl, Senior Global Education and Strategic Partnerships Director, Lung Health & Visualization at Medtronic. 

Explorer Live is a cloud-based, easy-to-use, device-agnostic platform, accessible on existing hardware as a downloadable app or through a web browser on mobile devices, desktop computers, laptops, and can be broadcast on large monitors in a procedure suite.  It has been successfully implemented in top hospitals, such as the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and Rush University Medical Center in Chicago. The company has experienced 6X growth year-over-year, and has on boarded more than 20 new medical device customers across multiple therapeutic areas. To schedule a demo and learn more, visit www.explorersurgical.com.   

Explorer Surgical is dedicated to relentlessly innovating and developing scalable digital technologies to put best practices in the hands of all procedural teams. As a leader in creating state-of-the-art solutions, our cutting-edge, cloud-based, digital platform empowers medical device companies to disseminate procedural best practices and remotely connect with providers in real-time. Our goal is to demystify the black box of the operating room with an on-demand procedure playbook, real-time video collaboration and performance tracking tools to support medical device companies, accelerate product adoption, reinforce techniques, and support successful outcomes. Founded in 2015, Explorer Surgical as a research project at the University of Chicago Medical Center in the Department of Surgery by Jennifer Fried and Dr. Alex Langerman. Dr. Langerman is a speaker and author on surgical ethics, video and data recording in the operating room, operating room efficiency, and clinical care of head and neck cancer patients. Today, the company has a global reach and has several customers, including some of the world's top 10 largest medical device companies. For more information or to schedule a demo of Explorer Live's platform, visit www.explorersurgical.com or follow us on LinkedIn.