The MedTech Dive Outlook on 2021

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How soon will elective surgeries, on which many medtechs depend for a big chunk of revenue, approach levels seen before the pandemic? Many observers see a late 2020 surge in COVID-19 cases pushing any comeback to the second half of 2021. COVID-19 tests have buoyed companies like Abbott, Hologic and Roche during the crisis, but a vaccine will inevitably lessen demand -- by how much and how fast is uncertain. The year is off to a brisk start on the M&A front, but what are the prospects for the remaining months? These are among the questions we explore in MedTech Dive’s trends to watch in 2021.

This year could also be seminal for continuous glucose monitors and insulin pumps, with a trend toward wearables and remote patient monitoring supercharged by the pandemic. Smaller players Insulet and Dexcom will be competing in a market with giants like Medtronic and Abbott, with several companies prepping big product launches.

Finally, the TAVR market has been fast-growing in recent years, with Edwards and Abbott among those selling devices pegged as a less invasive alternative to open-heart surgery. For the year ahead, industry has its eyes on mitral replacement and repair, seen as a multibillion dollar opportunity with a larger potential patient population that’s largely untapped.

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The MedTech Dive Outlook on 2021

The pandemic will keep disrupting the industry in the year ahead, as COVID-19 testing wanes and elective procedures slowly ease back. We look at the risks, challenges and opportunities.

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