Over 10,000 scientists are now registered on freelance platform Kolabtree

October 21, 2019

~Kolabtree has seen a 150% increase in freelancer registrations since 2018, indicating the impact of the gig economy on scientists. ~

Freelance platform for scientists, Kolabtree, announced today that it has surpassed 10,000 freelancer registrations. As an increasing number of scientists turn to freelancing, Kolabtree helps businesses tap into this newly-available talent pool and hire experts on demand. Medical device and medtech companies are benefiting from consulting the platform’s PhD-qualified experts for research, communication, regulatory and product development support.

Launched in 2015, Kolabtree was founded with the mission to make scientific expertise accessible to all by connecting businesses with scientists. Every month, over 400 projects that require the skills of a specialist are posted on Kolabtree. Scientists can view and apply for the projects, while quoting a fee. So far, the platform has helped over 2,500 businesses connect with scientists to solve research and business challenges. 

In 2018, the platform had 4,000 experts on board and has seen a 150% increase in the last year. This indicates a clear trend in the research community to go freelance, which enables easy access to expertise and cross-border collaboration. Medical device SMBs, many of which have fewer than 20 employees, can now afford to consult specialists from anywhere in the world at a budget of their choice. Freelance medical writers and statisticians can help with writing a clinical evaluation report (CER), preparing FDA submissions, and putting together all the technical documentation for MDR compliance. Kolabtree has helped medical device companies worldwide easily find the scientific expertise they need to take a product to market successfully.

Scientists on Kolabtree are from a range of traditional and interdisciplinary disciplines, ranging from molecular biologists who can analyze data to medical researchers who are experts at statistical analysis. They include experts from MIT, Cambridge University, Harvard University and more. Kolabtree’s freelancers are either independent consultants, experienced scientists, or early career researchers looking to supplement their full-time roles with part-time work. With access to a diverse range of projects, scientists have a chance to make a real-world impact, while earning suitable consulting fees. 

“Kolabtree’s global database of highly skilled PhD scientists proves that the gig economy and freelance work can only be a positive for the scientific community. explained Ashmita Das, CEO of Kolabtree. “Kolabtree helps businesses find the right skills when they need them and also allows talented scientists to work on a range of projects, broadening their own skill sets,” added Das. 

Companies worldwide are also realizing the benefits of hiring virtual employees. According to a recent FlexJobs report, the industry with the maximum number of remote workers is Health & Medicine. From writing a grant application to developing a medical device, there are several challenges that medical companies could use a specialist’s help with. Small companies or labs may not have the resources to hire someone in-house, full-time. Access to experienced professionals with the necessary technical know-how helps them develop innovative products, conduct robust research, meet regulatory requirements and accelerate time to market. 

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