Novo debuts a powerful communication channel with a new blog focused on human-centric design and product development topics & solutions

March 13, 2020

It is increasingly important to reach out to an ever-expanding market through a variety of channels. Novo’s new blog will allow it to deliver meaningful content to both start-ups and established organizations, and showcase the company’s expertise in human-centric design and development solutions for physical & digital products.

Trois-Rivières, Québec, Canada, March 13, 2020Novo, a strategic product development and design firm dedicated to the next generation of human-centered solutions, is proud to announce its brand new user-centered blog focusing on topics that go to the heart of successful digital and physical product creation. 

Novo is about applying a human approach to innovative ideas in order to assist customers in creating products that are not only marketable, but help change people’s lives. By providing strategy, design, and engineering services for physical and digital products, Novo helps companies develop innovative solutions, achieve higher product quality and accelerate time to market. The blog extends this directive by enriching the company’s communication with a wide audience, making it easier for it to provide vital information about the strategies and solutions necessary to achieve successful product design and development. 

“Our new blog is a dynamic tool that will help us provide best practice information that fuels innovation, growth and change, particularly for start-ups,” commented Sylvie Brière, Marketing Director at Novo.

One of our first blog series focuses on best practices in product development, and uses a hypothetical start-up to illustrate the steps involved in turning an innovative idea into a marketable product. It explores topics such as product vision, understanding user needs, and engineering a solid product, while describing the best methodologies for businesses to achieve critical milestones like obtaining certification, something that will be of particular interest to medical industry clients.

“The blog allows us to reach customers through a very accessible channel,” commented Alexis Bilodeau, Co-founder and President of Novo. “Our goal is to provide the type of information that will not only ease the path from product inception to delivery, but help businesses do so in a cost-effective and efficient manner.”

Another blog series will explore how user experience (UX) design drives successful product development and how impactful strategy, design and engineering can lead to the creation of the next generation of human-centered solutions.

About Novo

As a strategic product design and innovation company, Novo partners with ambitious leaders to create, revitalize and rethink bold and relevant products from the first stages of product definition to the start of high-volume production. Founded in 2007, Novo offers strategic consulting, industrial design, user experience design, electronic and mechanical engineering, and embedded software and application development services for clients in many sectors including medical, transportation, consumer, and technology. Novo serves clients from two offices in Canada.


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