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Statum Systems Opens Equity Crowdfunding Campaign on StartEngine to Disrupt Medical Communications

Sep 22, 2020

With over 100 investors in its first few days, the Regulation CF equity crowdfunding campaign is off to a fast start.

BOSTON – September 22, 2020 – Statum Systems, a healthcare startup that developed a smartphone-connected product to disrupt traditional medical communications and replace hospital pagers, has launched a crowdfunding campaign on StartEngine. The funds will be used to support field trials of its patent-pending product StatumHEALTH™, a HIPAA-compliant medical communication and collaboration platform that securely connects caregivers with each other and hospital systems and data in locations with or without WiFi or cell coverage.

The StatumHEALTH platform solves a fundamental problem plaguing healthcare delivery today: fragmented and unreliable communication among medical teams.

“As an innovator and technology disrupter, the crowdfunding process appealed to our culture,” said Fred Lizza, CEO of Statum Systems. “We are fortunate to be working with a leader like StartEngine as our fund-raising platform.”

A Single-Device Solution for All Hospital Communications

StatumHEALTH allows all clinicians, administrators and hospital staff to collaborate and communicate from a single smartphone device. StatumHEALTH optimizes cellular, WiFi and pager channels, combining the best of dedicated text messaging, voice communication and cloud-based systems into a HIPAA compliant, fully encrypted and secure platform.

StatumHEALTH offers an optional ID Badge holder that captures low frequency pager signals and passes them to the smartphone-based collaboration interface, ensuring caregiver connectivity when WiFi or cellular service is not available without having to carry a separate pager.

Reasons to Invest

A global market for Clinical Communication and Collaboration Systems expected to grow to $5 billion by 2027.

Target market: 6,000+ hospitals and medical practices in the U.S. representing approx. 1 million doctors, 3 million nurses and 6 million hospital employees.

Application can expand beyond healthcare, applicable to first-responders, fire, police, public safety, disaster relief (FEMA), insurance, private network security and defense.

Innovative breakthrough medical communications technology with 8 patents pending and more forthcoming.

To view a 2-minute introductory video or learn more about the investment opportunity, visit:

“Statum Systems was founded to solve a critical problem plaguing healthcare today -- inefficient and unreliable communications among care teams,” said Dr. Arman Serebrakian, a surgery resident and company co-founder.

“Caregivers are forced to constantly toggle between pagers, smartphone apps, hospital systems and telephones to access EHR and collaborate with colleagues, making it difficult to communicate competently,” added Dr. Serebrakian. “And that’s why we developed this innovation.”

About Statum Systems

Headquartered in the Boston area and founded in 2019, Statum Systems is the developer of StatumHEALTH, an enterprise class software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform for medical communications, collaboration and data analysis. StatumHEALTH is the only solution that  provides the reliability, reach and immediacy of pager messaging, without requiring caregivers to carry separate devices. To learn more, contact: [email protected]; (813) 540-4258; Linkedin; Facebook; StartEngine: