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    Adeline Kon/Healthcare Dive/MedTech Dive
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    Why are women more likely to use telehealth?

    As Washington mulls over telehealth regulations post-COVID-19, it's important not to roll back access in a way that could disproportionately affect women, experts say.

    Rebecca Pifer • Nov. 3, 2021
  • Anatomy of a medical device recall: How defective products can slip through an outdated system

    "It truly is like we are operating in about the 1950s," one consultant noted of the process. The FDA has held two meetings in the past year to mull improvements.

    Ricky Zipp • Oct. 18, 2021
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    How Morgan Health hopes to finally move the needle on employer health costs: 5 insights from a chat with the venture's CEO

    Morgan Health learned a lot from Haven, but is a different beast with better knowledge of the buy-in needed to disrupt the health benefits space, CEO Dan Mendelson told Healthcare Dive.

    Rebecca Pifer • Oct. 8, 2021
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    Sean Gallup via Getty Images
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    Will a software bill of materials help or hurt medical device cybersecurity?

    President Joe Biden's executive order calls for SBOMs, and the FDA wants to require premarket submissions to have an inventory of third-party device components. AdvaMed is concerned the data could be exploited by hackers.

    Greg Slabodkin • Oct. 7, 2021
  • Medtechs are boosting DTC investment, but industry still years behind pharma

    Companies are spending hundreds of millions of dollars every year on direct-to-consumer advertising as the industry focuses on marketing more to patients.

    Ricky Zipp • Sept. 14, 2021
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    Adeline Kon/MedTech Dive
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    Predicting the future of healthcare: 10 takeaways from HIMSS21

    Along with "guarded optimism" on the current state of the pandemic, some 19,000 on-site attendees in Las Vegas mulled what's next for AI, telehealth, cybersecurity, mental health and more.

    Rebecca Pifer and Hailey Mensik • Aug. 17, 2021
  • People of color work together in an office
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    Medtech industry starts to face lack of diversity, execs of color

    AdvaMed contends the percentage of Black people in leadership roles at device companies has more than doubled from 1.3% to 3.2% since 2015. However, currently none of the largest medtechs has a CEO of color.

    Greg Slabodkin • Aug. 12, 2021
  • Diabetes tech companies set sights on Type 2 patients as user numbers climb

    With patients flocking to CGMs and insulin pumps over the past several years, companies like Dexcom, Insulet and Tandem are looking to further expand. 

    Ricky Zipp • Aug. 9, 2021
  • Medtech M&A expected to be robust in second half after 2021 began with a flurry

    Even after deals already eclipsed last year's numbers, analysts predict robust activity in particular among diagnostics companies flush with cash from 2020's COVID-19 test sales.

    Ricky Zipp • July 18, 2021
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    Adeline Kon/Healthcare Dive/MedTech Dive
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    Medtech pay to doctors plunged in 2020 as COVID-19 pummeled electives, in-person services fell

    Zimmer Biomet had the biggest drop, cutting general payments nearly 80% to $63 million. Other notable decreases include Stryker, J&J's DePuy Synthes and Boston Scientific.

    Ricky Zipp • July 12, 2021
  • Legacy medical devices, growing hacker threats create perfect storm of cybersecurity risks

    Aging medtech and increasingly sophisticated criminals are leaving hospitals highly vulnerable to attacks.

    Greg Slabodkin • June 22, 2021
  • Medtronic HeartWare system hit with slew of Class I recalls, device reports since 2012 PMA

    The pump has a higher rate of malfunction reports than rivals, according to an ECRI analysis of the FDA's MAUDE database. But it's hard to draw conclusions from a disparate system of safety reporting.

    Ricky Zipp • May 21, 2021
  • Virtual proctoring, training poised to be new normal in post-pandemic surgical interactions

    Prior to the COVID-19 public health crisis, momentum to transition operating rooms into digitally connected learning environments was building. Social distancing mandates accelerated those efforts.  

    Greg Slabodkin • May 19, 2021
  • Medtronic's robotic spine market lead threatened as smaller rivals look to edge in

    Medtronic and Globus Medical are currently in a "two pony race" in the space, but market share can be stolen as other companies launch systems and adoption grows.

    Ricky Zipp • April 9, 2021
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    Robotic Surgery/MedTech Dive
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    Robotics demand held firm as pandemic pummeled electives

    Intuitive Surgical, Stryker and Zimmer Biomet all saw procedure volumes drop in 2020 as electives shut down. However, system demand remained strong despite the financial hit to hospitals.

    Ricky Zipp • March 18, 2021
  • Members of the Army and Air National Guard from across several states have been activated under Operation COVID-19 to support federal, state and local efforts. (
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    The image by The National Guard is licensed under CC BY 2.0
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    From labs to homes: where COVID-19 testing is headed in 2021

    The U.S. appears to have reached a new phase in its battle against the coronavirus with vaccinations taking precedence over tests. Whether testing will return to earlier levels is an open question.

    Greg Slabodkin • March 17, 2021
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    Adeline Kon/MedTech Dive
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    All eyes on elective care after a rollercoaster year for medtech

    After shutdowns slammed procedure-dependent firms in 2020, industry and Wall Street are waiting to see when non-emergency surgeries return and what a comeback might look like.

    Ricky Zipp • March 16, 2021
  • 5 things medtech can expect from FDA in 2021

    "What you saw under the prior administration was this concept of a kinder, softer FDA to industry," said Dennis Gucciardo, partner at Morgan Lewis. Experts now expect a shift, including more enforcement activity.

    Greg Slabodkin • March 15, 2021
  • Hospitals lift curtain on prices, revealing giant swings for hips, knees and more

    At a Sutter hospital in San Francisco, a joint replacement ranges from $22,865 to $101,571, accordind to a Healthcare Dive analysis of data hospitals are required to report as of January. 

    Samantha Liss and Nami Sumida • March 11, 2021
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    Brian Tucker / BioPharma Dive
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    4 healthcare antitrust issues to watch

    The FTC is looking to get more aggressive with anticompetitive tie-ups while states eye ways to beef up oversight. And if handed the reins of HHS, Xavier Becerra would likely put an antitrust lens to potential rules.

    Samantha Liss • March 4, 2021
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    3 big predictions for digital health in 2021

    As tech and data sharing become more pervasive, healthcare will likely pivot to being more predictive and telehealth will evolve, giving rise to new modalities of care. This will force companies to invest more in cybersecurity.

    Rebecca Pifer • Jan. 29, 2021
  • CGM, insulin pump players look to 2021 as watershed year for diabetes wearables market

    Insulet, Dexcom and Medtronic have product launches set for this year, and all look to capitalize on the recent skyrocketing of virtual care due to the coronavirus pandemic.

    Ricky Zipp • Jan. 29, 2021
  • Abbott, Edwards focus on mitral valve as market projected to rival TAVR

    Companies have zeroed in on TAVR in recent years, but in 2021 and beyond, experts and industry are looking to the mitral market for the next big structural heart splash.

    Ricky Zipp • Jan. 25, 2021
  • MDR-IVDR bottleneck persists as EU launches 1st Eudamed module

    "Very few notified bodies at this moment in time are taking new products on under the old directive, because a medical device doesn't just get certified overnight," an official at Ireland's National Standards Authority said.

    Nicholas Wallace • Dec. 14, 2020
  • Boston Scientific's Lotus ditch creates 'duopoly' in growing TAVR market

    Edwards Lifesciences and Medtronic are now the primary rivals in the transcatheter aortic valve replacement market, which analysts expect to rapidly grow in coming years.

    Ricky Zipp • Dec. 8, 2020