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  • Boston Scientific's Lotus ditch creates 'duopoly' in growing TAVR market

    Edwards Lifesciences and Medtronic are now the primary rivals in the transcatheter aortic valve replacement market, which analysts expect to rapidly grow in coming years.

    Ricky Zipp • Dec. 8, 2020
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    Adeline Kon/MedTech Dive

    5 ways COVID-19 is reshaping the medtech industry

    Remote tech, clinical trials and marketing are a few of the areas disrupted by the pandemic this year — with changes that look set to stick around.

    Maria Rachal and Greg Slabodkin • Oct. 1, 2020
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    Photo by Getty; photo illustration by Michelle Rock / Medtech Dive

    Coronavirus testing hits a wall: Where do we go from here?

    As LabCorp and Quest are backlogged in delivering molecular test results, some public health officials are calling for a shift in testing approach from slow and accurate to fast and good enough to meet demand.

    Greg Slabodkin • July 27, 2020
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    Photo by Getty; photo illustration by Michelle Rock / Medtech Dive

    Medtechs reboot with patients, providers after elective surgeries bottom out

    Recovery of procedures critical to device companies came quicker than many in the industry expected. Now, device makers are adapting as business volumes normalize and COVID-19 continues to spread.

    Maria Rachal • July 27, 2020
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    The image by The National Guard is licensed under CC BY 2.0

    No silver bullet: LabCorp and Quest hawk return-to-work COVID-19 tests but employers not rushing in

    One employer group official noted "hype" around antibody testing with inconclusive evidence about the immunity of individuals who test positive for the antibodies. 

    Greg Slabodkin • June 22, 2020
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    How tariffs ravaged the COVID-19 medical supply chain

    Months into the pandemic, the U.S. faces an ongoing shortage of PPE, with some of those products still subject to tariffs.

    Deborah Abrams Kaplan • May 29, 2020
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    Kendall Davis/MedTech Dive

    Telehealth is having a moment. What does its future look like after COVID-19?

    Employers should expect workers to embrace telehealth post pandemic, sources told HR Dive, even if concerns about billing and security persist.

    Ryan Golden • May 7, 2020
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    Brian Tucker/MedTech Dive

    Sunlight doesn't dent industry funding to doctors over half-decade

    While many manufacturers tell MedTech Dive boosted spending can be attributed to M&A, watchdogs say the payments can sometimes represent a conflict of interest for doctors.

    Maria Rachal and David Lim • Dec. 12, 2019
  • Dexcom app outage highlights communication pitfalls for device makers

    "This isn't the main course of what Dexcom offers. It's a side dish," said one parent of a child with Type 1 diabetes. "A good portion of our community has looked at it as a main course."​

    Maria Rachal • Dec. 10, 2019
  • Ethylene oxide plant closures put US on 'cusp of a major medical logistical failure'

    FDA should consider asking HHS Secretary Alex Azar to declare a public health emergency and override state legislation to get sterilization plants back online, one advisory panel member said.

    David Lim • Nov. 8, 2019
  • Retail makes its case, telehealth and voice tech dominate: 6 takeaways from HLTH19

    Consumerism has its limits, interoperability rules face execution challenges and more from Las Vegas.

    Rebecca Pifer • Nov. 6, 2019
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    Getty Images

    Deal wave expected as private equity eyes orthopaedic practices

    The business of replacing hips and knees is a lucrative area for investors as joint replacements are set to rise and care migrates to outpatient settings.

    Samantha Liss • Oct. 25, 2019
  • Pharmacogenetic test makers cheer UnitedHealth coverage. Other payers aren't there yet.

    "I've been concerned that the hype around pharmacogenetics, at least for depression, has gotten out ahead of the data," James Potash, director of psychiatry at the Johns Hopkins University, said.

    Graison Dangor • Aug. 27, 2019
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    Brian Tucker

    Looming EPA ethylene oxide rules hang over device supply chain

    The medical device industry is lobbying Capitol Hill and statehouses, warning limited access to the sterilant could pose deadly disruptions.

    David Lim • June 25, 2019
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    Kendall Davis / BioPharma Dive

    Inside Quest Diagnostics, LabCorp's supply chain breach

    The intrusion happened inside the American Medical Collection Agency, but responsibility is shared through its partner ecosystem.

    Samantha Schwartz • June 6, 2019
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    Yujin Kim / BioPharma Dive

    Will a big needle burst the NASH bubble?

    With less invasive tests still a few years off, doctors worry liver biopsies will limit access to the initial wave of NASH drugs — if any make it to market. 

    Jacob Bell • May 14, 2019
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    Danielle Ternes

    CDRH Director Shuren: Safety and innovation are 'two sides of same coin'

    The device chief said in a wide-ranging interview with MedTech Dive a major challenge for the agency is fighting the perception that speeding new devices to market comes at the cost of patient safety, or vice versa.

    David Lim • April 15, 2019
  • How AI and machine learning are changing prosthetics

    "Our bodies natively have control loops at various levels, and that's really where AI comes into play" in creating next-generation prostheses, said Robert Armiger of Johns Hopkins' Advanced Physics Lab.

    Meg Bryant • March 29, 2019
  • Private equity sees ripe opportunity in healthcare this year

    Potential targets include orthopaedics, gastroenterology and urology practices and mental health and addiction services, analysts say.

    Samantha Liss • March 25, 2019
  • As 5G looms, most hospitals watch from the sidelines

    Chicago's Rush is an early mover with the tech, but many other big systems are taking a wait-and-see approach.

    Rebecca Pifer • March 21, 2019
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    Yujin Kim

    Mixing medicine and money: Why the rise of health system VCs is raising ethical concerns

    More dollars than ever are flowing from VCs affiliated with nonprofit health systems, spurring questions around conflicts of interest.

    Taylor McKnight • March 4, 2019
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    Neuromodulation market expands amid hunt for opioid alternatives

    Stigma, cost and risk of surgery don't seem to be stopping growth of devices that target nerve activity central to diseases like Alzheimer's, epilepsy and chronic pain.

    Meg Bryant • Feb. 22, 2019
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    Oscar & Associates for HIMSS

    4 main takeaways from HIMSS19

    Digest the biggest health IT conference of the year with this roundup of what grabbed the attention of more than 43,000 health execs, policymakers and academics.

    David Lim and Rebecca Pifer • Feb. 15, 2019
  • HIMSS19: Private sector catch-up, patient matching and standard APIs dominate first full day

    Support for the HHS rules (but some concern over implementation) was the focus at the start of health IT's biggest week.

    Rebecca Pifer • Feb. 13, 2019
  • CMS eases study parameters in depression device coverage decision

    LivaNova seeks to enroll clinical trial patients beginning in the third quarter of 2019. Those patients will only need to demonstrate response rather than remission, per CMS updates to the finalized decision memo.

    Maria Rachal • Updated Feb. 19, 2019